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Benjamin Franklin & Me

What do I have in common with Benjamin Franklin? I never would’ve guessed this one… He was also a proponent of sound therapy!

Benjamin Franklin, recognized and respected for many prominent activities and inventions, is lesser known as the inventor of the glass 'armonica.’ Not to be confused with the harmonica, Franklin’s armonica is now more commonly known as the bowl organ and is related to ‘singing bowls’ used by sound therapists.

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Astrology With Astrofish - The Moon Child, the Natal Cancer Moon

AstrofishAstrology With Astrofish - The Moon Child, the Natal Cancer Moon

By Kramer Wetzel

In Western Astrology, the one of the systems handed down through the millennia as a method of prognostication, the importance of the Natal Moon is part of critical and accurate birth chart interpretations.

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Why I Choose Holistic Solutions

About 20 years ago, I became interested in a holistic approach to healthcare… when I was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis and told by my medical doctor that there was nothing that could be done for me-- that I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 55.  Well, I’ll be 60 years old this year and am still going strong, walking my dogs every day and very active.

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Did you know... Sesame Seeds?

Did you know that sesame seeds have been shown to help with Vascular and Respiratory Health as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis? The science behind the suggestion: Because of the amount of manganese and copper in sesame seeds, they are a good source of nutrition for these health concerns and others.

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The Gap between Talking & Walking

Each January seems to bring new resolutions for most of us. Are you ready to keep them this year? That is, keep them past the first week (or month) of 2011? The best way to do that is to beat the gap between talking your talk and walking your walk!

Now that we’re half-way through the year, it’s time to consider…

According to Jerold Mitchell at WPS Payroll, “There’s not just a gap between talking and walking. There’s a chasm as big as the Grand Canyon.”


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