Collaborating with Competitors

I started to consider the where I’ve seen this succeed… A shopping mall is actually a collection of competing retail stores, with a fast food court (more competitors in close proximity).  When I got to buy a new car, I go to dealer’s row where I can find everything from a Toyota to a Chevy.

Taking another sip of my frou-frou coffee drink (with extra cream and sugar, please), I started wondering how this could work for sole proprietors, like most holistic practitioners and professionals.

Collaborating with similar minds helps everyone come up with stronger solutions. After all, don’t we all have similar challenges in building our businesses? Co-locating on the web makes it easier for people to find you there. In some cases, like cooperative advertising, it can save you money.

In the case of groups like the American Medical Association, or the national Holistic Chamber of Commerce, it can strengthen your position, both individually and collectively, as a resource to the public.

Plus, there are other advantages. It’s nice to be able to refer a client to someone you trust when they need services and you’re not available to help. Both your client and your colleague will remember that!

Who are you collaborating with today? What like-minded professionals/practitioners are you aligned with?

Mmmmm… this coffee sure is tasty!

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