Camilles CornerWritten to inspire, motivate and share ideas for building your business, these are Camille’s “lessons learned.”


What Does Archery Have To Do With It?

While I was in Texas visiting our national Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) members in Austin and San Antonio (and points in between), I enjoyed experiencing, firsthand, the similarities and differences in the ways we interpret holistic health – mentally, physically, spiritually, environmentally.

While there, I said ‘yes!’ to an archery lesson… and learned that, just like in business, there are many elements involved in being successful in archery. Among them, equipment, wind (speed and direction), and keeping a solid stance play important roles. It’s also necessary to stretch new muscles and expand beyond my comfort zone.

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Everything I Need to Know about Business I Learned from… Computer Solitaire?!

I have a guilty pleasure… I play computer solitaire. When I need a break from concentrating on the task at hand, it’s just a too-easy way to step aside and re-focus.

While it’s an exaggeration that I’ve learned everything I know about business from this simple game, it’s taught me a few things. The main thing I’ve figured out is that there’s more than one way to win. In computer solitaire, you can win the hand, of course.

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Why do you do what you do? Why did you start your practice as an acupuncturist, chiropractor, nutritionist, sound therapist, intuitive counselor, or …?

Is it because you wanted to help others? Do you still want to help others? Despite the stress and work of being a solo practitioner or sole proprietor?


Now, do you want to share your message of health and healing for the mind-body-spirit-planet? Do you want to make money? Do you want both?

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Desperately Seeking Balance!

Alright, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen… Let’s massage the details a little more…

I’m sitting at my desk, considering how to better promote holistic professionals and practitioners. How do I take care of myself, help you take care of yourself, and helps others take care of themselves ~ so we can make the world a better place?

In helping others building their businesses, how do we blend what’s already out there so that we can maintain balance in our budgets (after all, we’re not the government) as well as in our mind-body-spirit?


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Collaborating with Competitors

Have you ever been sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on something yummy, enjoying the peaceful moment and noticed a competing coffee shop just across the street? I did that just the other day and it was quite an ‘aha’ moment.

Like attracts like and, by locating so closely together, competitors can actually build their businesses. Apparently, this is a strong way to find customers.

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