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To help members make the difference they are here to make
with opportunities to 
heal personally, grow professionally, and build community.  


Next Meeting: Thursday, June 14th, 6 - 8:30 PM

"How to Get Loyalty + Word-of-Mouth Buzz with Customer Appreciation"

Presented by Michele Risa, Nesreen Mahmoud and Dr. Serena Goldstein

A strong customer appreciation system will keep your current customers coming back and encourage more positive word-of-mouth.

So, what can you do to make them feel SPECIAL?  

Our panel will lead a discussion on the MANY ways to appreciate your customers, clients and patients.  We'll explore:

  • What role does social media play?  Which platform?
  • How do you break through the clutter?
  • What is a "friendly" text?
  • When is it best to call and check in, and say "thank you"?
  • When do you offer a discount on their next appointment?
  • Is there a seasonal consideration?  How do you maintain your appreciation over the summer?
  • How do you find their "sweet spot" so you're offering what's important to them?

Come to our next meeting and experience it first hand.

Date & Time: Thursday, June 14th 6 - 8:30 PM
Location: A.R.E. NY Edgar Cayce Center, 153 West 27th Street, Suite 702, NY 10001
Fee for Meeting & Dinner: $20-30. Register early for lowest rate

Future Meetings: July 14 and August 9. Mark your calendar NOW.


People are saying, "'re not your typical networking event!  "...very transforming.  I'm so glad I came.  It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone."  "...I am inspired by the people, the presentation, the warmth, the sense of community...only amazing things are happening!"

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Selina Maitreya Sherri Greene


In addition to our monthly meetings, we offer members a unique sequence of 4 events to be on our Member Panel and increase their business exposure: 

  1. Present at our Monthly meeting
  2. Record it as a Webinar to reach a larger audience
  3. Be on our TV Cable show (plus to post on your website, social media, etc.)
  4. Visit other organizations as our "Expert Panel" 
    Our Member Panel fosters collaborations that strength your connection within the community and also helps increase referrals and  testimonials.

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"TV Mar2017.3

Here I am, Michele Risa, and Karissa Brennan shooting our TV show.  Pictures of panels coming soon.

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This is such a challenging time. Here's how I start my day to align with my highest path . Maybe this will support you.

I start my day meditating with my Heart Pulse worldwide community to be a conduit for the highest love frequency available.  I continue with my Kundalini Meditations which I believe have been with me for many lifetimes.  I then add compassion, kindness and quiet time, so my sleepy soul can pour its message into my day.  I then co-mingle messages from the universe. Here's one I'd like to share:
         "We need to WAKE UP so our dreams can come true." ~ Ervin Laszlo 

Thank you for being part of this community and sharing this journey with me.  Together, with love, faith, support and grace, we will create miracles!  We already are.

We look forward to you joining us.

 Michele Risa

P.S. I'm about Heart Centered Business Connecting- with an Impact: An exciting blend of genuine connecting, practical, professional tips and tools, and self-healing experiences for holistic business people who are passionate about making a positive impact on their world...and the world of others. 

Special Thanks to A.R.E. of NY, Edgar Cayce Center, our new home. 

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was a gentle humanist and founded the center in Virginia in 1931.  Though he had only an eight-grade education, the accuracy of his diagnoses and the effectiveness of the treatments he prescribed for the body, mind, and soul made him a medical phenomenon- the "Father of Holistic Medicine.  We are proud to share our energy with A.R.E., Association for Research and Enlightenment, which helps people transform their lives for the better through research, education and his core concepts.

         Please contact Michele Risa at 212-889-4986 or at to share your input. 

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Our Chapter President, Michele Risa, Founder & CEO of Beyond Body Mind Spirit

Since 1997, Michele has been dedicated to the advancement of holistic programs enabling people - from the inside out - to manifest their authentic life.  As a Certified Business Change Agent, she has customized results-producing programs for corporations, most recently the New York Stock Exchange, addressing critical obstacles that affect productivity and improving its most valuable asset- the well-being of its employees.

She has been a long-time advocate of "mindfulness"- the key to peak performance and leadership- and now joined by CEOs, sports teams and entertainers.  She is passionate about disease prevention, relationship building, spreading the truth about the glory of aging, and advancing thought leaders to promote world peace.

Michele is a TV producer and co-author of "Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion & Profit," winner of the National "Best Books" Awards. She is a frequent radio guest, corporate lecturer and philanthropist- from beautifying Central Park to being an Ambassador for the American Heart Association.  

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