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  • People, Purpose, Emotions, and Energy

    People are all around us and we interact with others every day. Whether you are online, on the phone or in person, our intersections with each other create ripple effects with unknown (and sometimes unexpected) consequences.

    Many success specialists from Dale Carnegie to Jack Canfield remind us that, to become successful in bringing our vision to life, it is key to surround yourself with successful and positive people.

    Are you called to a higher purpose? What vision are you bringing to life?

    When talking with Coach Quornesha S. Lemon on how this applies for her and her clients, she points out that it helps to have a strong sense of perception. By being alert to the emotional tone of others, it is easier to communicate and navigate negotiations and relationships to create better results for yourself and others.

    Likewise, choosing colleagues and co-workers who resonate with you, whether you are having a phone call or hanging out, can help create an atmosphere of positive energy that extends into all areas of your work and life.

    Lemon recommends that being busy, even when you are not busy, is useful for handling negative people. No matter what it is, if you are occupied when a negative person calls, you will have an option to keep your conversation short, minimizing negativity and allowing you to stay focused on higher priorities.

  • Mind Full, or Mindful?

    Special thanks to Christie Batt, M.A., for sharing her experience and insights on this core concern for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Read on for a powerful perspective!

    Recently, I was in my office and found myself struggling with a business decision. I had come across a series of treatment centers listed in a periodical and wanted to reach out to them as a resource for post-treatment referrals. There were hundreds of centers, with various approaches and specialties. All of the sudden I was frozen, paralyzed, couldn’t decide what to do (who to call, what to say, which ones to approach). Finally, I hit the pause button on my mental spin cycle, pulled out my meditation cushion, and sat down - right in the middle of my office. I proceeded to center myself. Pray. Breathe. Calm my mind. In a surprisingly short amount of time, through the calm and silence came guidance. I went back to my desk, and in a completely altered state of mind from a few minutes prior, knew exactly what to do.

    We may have the practice to turn to a higher source for support and guidance when things are big: life-altering decisions, deep problems, relationship issues - or even the daily meditation, prayer, chanting, silence, yoga, etc. But how often do we consult on the smaller things? Most of our lives today are a struggle to navigate a long list of tasks, assignments, issues, relationships, problems and worries. How badly we need a set of broader shoulders to ease the intensity, find solutions, and provide moment-to-moment peace and serenity!

  • The Value of Community

    I used to work out of a home office... There were too many days when I felt isolated and overwhelmed, as if I had do to it all on my own.

    Recently talking with some of our Holistic Chamber of Commerce Chapter Presidents, the benefits of networking in a community of like-minded professionals - both online and at local meetings - came up. Meeting visitors often have questions about how it works.

    After asking around, I found that Judy Santos, owner of OfficeSlice CoWorking, has a helpful definition to start with: "Community has a variety of meanings.  Families buy into a neighborhood because of the "community" and entrepreneurs can join a coworking space to gain community, or your hobby can place you automatically into a community.  But what does community really mean?  I believe it to be a collection of people, from various industries, locales and backgrounds, brought together for a common purpose.  We all belong to a number of communities, and participation in the community is the key to its success."

    However you personally define community, most people seem to agree it can be very helpful in providing support for personal and/or professional success. Here are ideas to help you make the most of a business-oriented community:


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