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Wednesday, November 12th 6:45 PM

Monthly Speaker and Networking Meeting

Ultimate Success through Communication

The Key to Your Power


Patricia Doyen

Empowering people to break free and enjoy being their most Powerful Self.
Patricia speaks, coaches and teaches from 15 years of structured learning in the healing arts as well as life's ongoing adventures.

At Nature's Treasures Community Center

4103 Interstate Highway 35 78722

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Moving Our Business To A Higher Life Form

By Bart Sharp

By The Austin Holistic Chamber Of Commerce

Wednesday, October 1st 6:45 PM Networking 7:15 Meeting

At Nature's Treasures Community Room

4403 North IH 35 Austin, 78722

A common desire for holistic entrepreneurs is, "I seek a fulfilling, dynamic and joyful life. I want my work and business to be an expression of my soul driven life." Yet we follow business models that are from a rational philosophy because having a business is supposed to have those components. Somehow this does not appear to be an appropriate model to match for a soul driven business.

Some corporations are beginning to ask similar questions in the creation of their business model, "How can our employees find more inner satisfaction in the workplace? How can our business serve a greater long-term purpose with the world? Not to be driven by the every man for himself attitude, always working for short term goals."

*What tools and perspectives does the corporate world and small business owner require in order to fulfill a higher perspective with their business that also serves the community in a higher way?

*How can we have growing profits, fulfilling work and create something much greater, giving to the world instead of taking from it?

*How do we create a business in a higher consciousness, virtuous values while working in a day-to-day world that is logical, rational and sometimes fear based?

This is possible and the world is ready for it. We can have it all! Bart Sharp will share a business model based from personal experience and Guibert Del Marmol's book, "Falling Higher". Be stimulated with higher ideals in creating a more holistic business that fosters trust with the community, inner integrity, while having profits in a way that serves everyone better. We can create something greater.

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Join us on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

At: Nature's Treasures 4013 Interstate Hwy 35, 78722, Austin, Texas. 

For: "Win at the Marketing Game: Social Media, Email Marketing, Live Events, etc.!" By Tonya Hofmann 

Holistic Chamber of Commerce of Austin will hold it's meeting on September 3, 2014 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at Nature's Treasures, 4103 N- IH-35, ATX 78722.

Tonya Hofmann will be out guest speaker. Tonya will be speaking about, "Win at the Marketing Game: Social Media, Email Marketing, Live Events, etc.!"

Tonya will go over realistic achievements you can do to draw people into your business, get them to love what you are doing and have them buy from you. This is not a... YOU have to be on social media all day long type of information but rather a real approach to real business people that are busy who want real results!

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