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We are a rapidly growing community representing holistic professionals, practitioners, businesses and like-minded people. We encourage and promote healthy living, and support those who make it possible.

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September Meeting: Wednesday, September 12th, 2018*

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to a scheduling conflict we had to move the meeting date to Wednesday, 9/12. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you can still join us!

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM (6:30 Networking; Meeting starts promptly at 7 PM)

Location: Beneficial Bank, 1901 Route 70 E, Cherry Hill, NJ

Topic: Digitial Marketing For Your Business!


Join the President of the HCC-CHMC and successful entrepreneur and real estate technology professional, Allyson and Bill Hang, as they team up to bring you some of the best tips for online marketing!

Do you struggle with how to use Facebook? Which social media platform is the best to use? Do you wonder why you get no engagement on your posts? Allyson continues to learn the latest social media tips from some of the best leaders in her industry and will be sharing her top 5 key components of successful Facebook marketing and strategies to assist you with getting more engagement and reaching a larger audience. It’s easier than you think!

Have you ever wondered why some businesses appear more frequently, or higher, in the search results? Are you struggling with how Google and other search engines find you? With over 17 years of experience in digital marketing, here's your opportunity to learn some of the top tips that you need to implement for your business to enhance and capture more online opportunities for your business! Whether you have a brick and mortar or virtual business, this is for you! Bill is going to bring you his top 5 tips for boosting your SEO ranking and online visibility.

Investment: $5 Members, $10 Non-Members, $15 At The Door

We do expect this workshop to reach its max capacity. Seating is very limited and is recommended you register early. You MUST register using the Eventbrite link. Clicking GOING on Facebook does not guarantee entrance.

*HCC-CHMC Visitors Policy – You may attend as a Non-Member one (1) time before joining.


October Meeting: Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM (6:30 Networking; Meeting starts promptly at 7 PM)

Location: Beneficial Bank, 1901 Route 70 E, Cherry Hill, NJ

Topic: Keep Your Energies Humming with Elsie Kerns*October_2018_Elsie_Kerns.pngIn this interactive workshop, Elsie will teach you how to practice the 8-Minute Daily Wellness Revitalizer!

Revitalize the body, mind, and spirit with tapping, stretching, and balanced breathing. Defuse stress by activating key energy points that promote wellness. Enhance the natural healing capacity of the body with easy energy solutions like the Zip-Up, Four Directions Stretch, the powerful Infinity “8” symbol and the Invisible Fence to expand and protect one’s energy. Learn how to strengthen the immune system and improve concentration. Experience easy self-care practices that take only minutes a day to maintain health and restore vitality. Best of all, these effective energy practices are available 24/7!

*Elsie Kerns has been teaching mind-body wellness for over 22 years and has a passion for teaching easy and energizing mind-body healing practices. She is a graduate of the 4-year Eden Energy Medicine Certification Training with the legendary healer, Donna Eden as well as the 4-year Healing Science Training with author and former NASA Astrophysicist, Barbara Brennan. Additional course studies include Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy, Society of Souls School, Ridhwan School and HeartMath program to synchronize the heart and brain. Elsie is the co-author of the Amazon best-seller, Your Shift Matters: Breakdown to Breakthrough and co-founder of Wellness Workers Holistic Health successfully serving the South Jersey tri-state community since 1995.

Investment: $5 Members, $10 Non-Members, $15 At The Door

Seating is limited and is highly recommended you register early. You MUST register using the Eventbrite link. Clicking GOING on Facebook does not guarantee entrance.

HCC-CHMC Visitors Policy – You may attend as a Non-Member one (1) time before joining.


"Boost Your Business" Breakfast Networking: Friday, October 19th, 2018

Time: 8:00 to 9:30 AM

Location: Angel’s Hands Healing Center, 505 S Lenola Road (Suite 124), Moorestown NJ 08057


We’re making it easy to start your morning off right! Stop in, introduce yourselves and get to meet some of our HCC community! It’s a great opportunity to connect with like-minded business professionals in our area and expand your referral network.

Join our host, Embodying Wellness at Angel’s Hands Healing Center, and some HCC members for our quarterly "Boost Your Business Breakfast!" Bring a friend, get a taste of what we’re about and discover why the HCC-CHMC is the trusted source for holistic professional networking and support. Bring your business cards and positive energy.

Complimentary breakfast bites, coffee, and tea are provided.

Investment: $5 Members, $10 Non-Members, $15 At The Door

Seating is very limited and is recommended you register early. You MUST register using the Eventbrite link. Clicking GOING on Facebook does not guarantee entrance.

**Please note our NEW time and frequency - Location varies based on host availability.**


Our meetings are usually held on the 1st Tuesday of every month from 6:30 - 8:30 PM unless otherwise noted on this page.
2018 Remaining Meeting Dates are 10/2 and 11/6. Our Annual Holiday Mixer is TBD.
Sample Agenda
6:30 - 7:00 PM Sign-In and Networking
7:00 - 7:20 PM Welcome, Introductions and Presentation of New Members
7:20 - 7:30 PM Featured Member of the Month
7:30 - 8:15 PM Business Development Presentation of the Month
8:15 - 8:30 PM Closing Announcements, Upcoming Events and Promotions
Chapter Meeting Formats
Keynote Speakers - Roundtable Discussions
Members Showcase - Panel of Experts
Show & Tell Networking - Interactive Workshops
Collaborations & More!

The Cherry Hill - Moorestown Chapter acknowledges our partners as they continue to support our growth within the community. Members enjoy additional savings provided by our partners, sponsors and members. Please support local and patronize them whenever possible. Thank you.











Allyson Hang



Allyson Hang is a certified Holistic Nutritionist with specialties in areas of detoxification, weight management, sports performance and anti-aging. She came into this area of belief after she left the corporate biotech world over 13 years ago as a Quality Systems Director for a medical device company when her son was diagnosed with severe food allergies. Refusing that he become another statistic, she took matters into her own hands and began to do research. It was at this time that she discovered how compromised our food system was in our country, which has a direct correlation with so many of the common diseases today.

In addition to being a servant leader in the wellness community, she's a dedicated wife, mother, and owner of Discover HolisticAlly, an online holistic health coaching practice and educational resource. She's a passionate leader, food activist, and ecological advocate, promoting integrative health solutions and awareness.

Her vision is to have an immense community who wants to join her in shifting the paradigm towards personal and planetary health that are sustainable for all. Over the last decade, she's been on a crusade to educate the world about food integrity and the importance of food labeling and ingredient knowledge. Knowing what she was up against, she knew it would be a challenge so nearly four years ago, she partnered up with a transparent, heart-centered, global company that is creating massive physical and spiritual healing all over the world through certified organic green nutrition therapy. This movement is in full alignment with her purpose, morals, and values and brings together optimal health, community, prosperity, personal development and most importantly, helping others become the best versions of themselves.

Now more than ever, self-care is the new health care. The timing and trends are in our favor and she personally invites you to join this rapidly-growing tribe and use this as the vehicle to create massive change within your business or practice, and have fun while doing it! If this at all resonates with you, then let’s join forces in the wellness revolution and be the change that we seek!

Barbara Toritto

Membership Ambassador





505 S. Lenola Rd., Suite 124, Moorestown NJ 08057 | (609) 760-8410


Barbara is a New Jersey Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice. She has been the proud business owner of Angel’s Hands LLC for over 21 years. Along with being a practitioner of Holistic Healing Arts, she is also a teacher of Reiki, Dowsing and C.A.P.R. C.A.P.R. is also known as Contraction Assisted Pressure Release. It is a muscle therapy that she developed with a physician and they authored a teaching and student manual. Teaching is a passion of Barbara’s, it is her privilege to share techniques, and her natural born gifts with people who are looking to enrich their lives. While no longer offering massage, she continues to expand her knowledge of healing and holistic modalities. Angel’s Hands has had monthly “Energy Shares” where Healing Energy practitioners come together and work as a group on one person for a 10-minute donation based session. All monies collected from these sessions are donated to the Women’s Opportunity Center in Burlington, NJ.

When Barbara is not sharing her passions with clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband of 39 years as well as her children and grandchildren. Her favorite place to be is in her screen house with her husband and dogs watching and listening to the sounds of nature — Energy is the life force that drives her passion!

 Tobi Schwartz-Cassell

Meeting and Event Planning Ambassador





225 Haddon AvenueSuite 3205Haddon Twp NJ 08108


Tobi is no novice in the event planning industry as she is the proud owner of Franks and Beans Events, LLC which specializes in planning, promoting and producing monthly Girls’ Nights Out. Among her most popular are: Psychic Dinners, Painting Dinners and Jewelry Making Dinners. Her extensive experience in this arena make her more than qualified and I have no doubt in my mind that she will succeed quickly in this role.

She is also a Certified Constant Contact Solutions Provider offering email marketing as well as content and event marketing. Tobi’s philosophy is that everyone’s marketing needs are unique, so there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to your marketing plan. She makes life easier for her clients by researching, writing or coordinating their:

* Bios
* Blogs
* Brochures
* Editing and Proofreading
* Email Marketing
* Event Planning and Marketing
* Magazine Article Writing (trade and consumer)
* Website Content

So whether you need to monetize your list of email addresses, or you’re looking for a fun night out, Tobi’s greatest joy is to help you achieve your goals!

Julia Gandy

Community Public Relations Ambassador





505 South Lenola, Suite 124, MoorestownNJ 08057 | (609) 634-2396


Julia Gandy is the owner of Embodying Wellness in Moorestown, NJ and has a background in Business Management and Wellness. She has been a massage therapist for over 18 years, recently gaining Board Certification. She is also a Reiki Master and a Medicinal Aromatherapist.  She received her Master's in Divinity in 2005 in Spiritual Peacemaking and became a HeartMath Certified Coach and Trainer in 2009 and 2014, respectively.  HeartMath is a leader in the stress reduction and resiliency building field.


She offers a full spectrum of wellness services that combine massage therapy, interpersonal and inner peacebuilding skills with evidenced-based, scientifically-validated tools and technologies to build resiliency to stress, change, and chaos. 


For the individual, a plan is made for your unique wellness goals. My aim is to help you live your best, most powerful life without being pulled by life's daily challenges. By shifting your internal dialogue and bringing in different wellness modalities, you engage in life differently. After finding out what pulls you out of your center, you'll have tools to be the calm in the center of the storm. 


For the organization; assessments will be made to determine the best course of action to obtain outcomes that are proven to reduce health care costs, increase retention and improve employee relations. Those who can benefit from my services are business executives, parents, teachers, students, athletes, seniors, at-risk youth, among others.


Her passion is to help bring wellness initiatives to the forefront in helping people live better lives.  She helps her clients embody wellness through the body-mind connection.

 Bridget Papagno

Community Outreach Ambassador






341 Larchmont Blvd, Mount LaurelNJ 08054 | (609) 230-2297

Bridget is the owner of Essential Lightworker and has offices in both Mount Laurel, NJ and Blackwood, NJ. She is a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Practitioner, Essential Oil Magician, Ordained Minister, Mom, and Wife. She also offers Ionic Foot Detox baths along with Infrared PEMF Crystal Mat Therapy. She is also a Founding Member of the HCC-CHMC and the Vice President of Gathering Together (Spiritualist Church).


Bridget's journey into holistic belief and unique modalities:


"After being diagnosed with a list of autoimmune conditions and feeling like all hope was lost, I decided to try the holistic approach. It was the best decision I ever made. I know I had to get sick to put me on the path I was meant to follow. My holistic journey started at the lowest point in my life. I was 33 years old, and I’d been sick for two years. During the second year, I had a fever every day. Yes, a 365-day fever. The lab work and testing were constant, and every time I’d go to the doctor, he’d just order more tests and tell me to come back in three months. I’d leave his office crying, every single time.

At one point, I was put on a new medication. Not only did it NOT help, it left me with a debilitating side effect: nerve itching. My insides itched, but scratching wouldn’t satisfy it. I scratched anyway until my skin was raw. At this point, I was on my fourth rheumatologist in two years. I’d been diagnosed with Lupus, fibromyalgia and Sjogren’s—all autoimmune diseases with no cure. I decided that I was done. Done with doctors, done with medication, and I’m sorry to admit, done with life. I just didn’t want to live anymore if living meant feeling like this. I had reached out to a holistic practitioner in the past, but I kind of blew her off. If the doctors couldn’t help me, how could she? But I decided to make an appointment with her, and that’s what started turning my life around. With her help, I started to feel better yet something was still missing.


After 12 years of Catholic school, I decided to go back to church, but that wasn’t the answer either. I’d just cry the whole time I was in there. Nobody did or said anything that made me cry or upset me, but tears would just pour down my face for no apparent reason. Soon after, I found out that another hockey mom named Judy Dingler was starting psychic development classes. Judy is a psychic and a medium, but more importantly, she’s a mom. And a hockey mom at that! Just like me. We became friendly at our sons’ games, and at one point, the team traveled through Europe. I wasn’t able to go, but Judy went and she watched over my son for me. By the time she came back, we were close friends. And by the time I’d begun taking classes with her, I started to feel human again. These classes opened my eyes and my mind to the many healing modalities available, like crystals, oils, and spirituality. And the more I learned, the easier it became. And soon I discovered that this is what had been missing. The only way I can describe it is, it felt like home. From there, I took Judy’s Reiki class, then IET, then Reiki II, then Reiki Master! I continue to learn from her, and I don’t think she’ll ever run out of knowledge to teach me. 

My interest in Aromatherapy started when I attended Judy’s class on essential oils. The class coincided with an essential oil convention that was being held locally, so we went together. When we got back, I started tinkering with her collection, and I couldn’t believe the success I was having in addressing my own conditions. If a friend was having a health challenge, I was committed to finding the oil solution. And success just kept happening! Requests started to come in for my oils. Whenever I tried to find a remedy, there it was—and it would work!  

My Reiki training started to converge with my essential oils training, so once I’d finish creating a blend, I would gently shake the bottle and Reiki it. I would set the intention for the person who’d ordered it. I continue to do this, but now I also set the bottled blends on top of crystals in the moonlight. I even give the bottles a kiss so they are in the best possible condition when they leave me and get to my client. 

Recently, someone who is well-versed in the field of essential oils asked me how I prepare my blends. When I told her, she informed me that I am actually changing the frequency of the oils because of my intentions. She went on to say that anybody else could make the same blends, but they won’t get the same benefits from them because I’m changing the oils’ vibrations. Now, I have a new passion for life because of my commitment to helping people. And I now understand that I had to get sick, so I could help others get well."

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